Face - lift / oval improvement


It is a therapeutic treatment which uses carbon dioxide by means of a special instrument Reology 2 . CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas  which stimulates natural processes in human body ,this is why it is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It is recommended to revitalize face, neck, neck line . It is the best method to rejuvenate skin, excessive fat tissue and  muscle weaknesses.

How does the   treatment work?

Intradermal and subdermal controlled doses of carbon dioxide are injected. CO2 infuzion leads to increase of blood flow, oxygen and  nutrients to the target area.

An inflammatory reaction arises, which stimulates collagen and elastine prodution. As a result ,skin is more firm  and dense. Blood  vessels are extended, blood flow is bigger . Cells are well nourished, oxygenated and  the skin looks better.

Advantages of the treatment

It leaves no traces, this is why you are allowed to lead normal life immediately after the treatment.

It does not require anasthesia because it is painless. The only uncomfortable feeling is pressure and expansion when the gas is inserted. The speed of gas flow is possible to control, this is why you can control the patient’s feeling.

The treatment is versatile, During one treatment, many other problems are solved.

Treatment is totally risk free and being the only instrument on the market it contains additional filters which purify gas inserted under the skin in 100 %.

Reology 2 has got a flow sensor which stops gas delivery when tissues are blocked. The sensor protects tissues from being damaged and it is directed to a target area.

Who is this treatment for?

  • Loss od fatial contours
  • overdried, grey , tired and badly nourished face
  • mimic wrinkles, lines
  • the set of marks on the neck
  • dilated capillary vessels
  • skin limpness, loss of firmness
  • post treatment scars, acne scars
  • shadows and bags under the eyes
  • swelling on the skin
  • located fat deposition e.g. Second chin
  • psoriaric skin

Results of the treatment:

  • deep skin revitalization
  • wrinkle smoothing
  • lightening, oxygenation, nourishning of skin
  • firming, dermal density
  • double chin reduction
  • strengthening blood vessels
  • reduction of bags under the eyes
  • reducing dark circles under the eyes

Planning the treatment;

  • The treatment is performed in a series of 5 -10 in  2-3 weeks intervals.
  • It is often combined  interchangeably with the treatment  mezotherapy of skin and face
  • After the treatment it is advised to take care of  hygiene of skin face and its  hydration, Creams with vitamin C can be used.
  • You are advised not to use sauna or have hot baths two days after the treatment