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Detox BIPHASIC MICELLAR MAKE UP REMOVER -innovative, biphasic formula with double action.The lower phase washes off and removes dirt and impurities, leaving the skin fresh and clean. The upper phase rich in Omega acids, rapidly removes all residues of make-up, making the skin soft and nourished. You can apply it also for eyes and mouth 157 PLN
DETOX MICELLAR CLEANSING MILK – gently and thoroughly cleans, detoxifies and corrects the functions of cells in each skin. It immediately moisturizes, regenerates , renews, nourishes and sooths. It leaves the skin fresh and radiant. 143 PLN
DETOX REVITALISING TONIC – makes the skin more receptive for following treatments, provides active ingredients with tonic, moisturizing and protective effects. Without alcohol. It does not irritate the eyes. It balances the skin’s PH. It is an obligatory,second step in removing the make-up. The skin is moisturized and radiant. 143 PLN
DETOXIFYING ESSENTIAL CONCENTRATE – it is a multi active serum which detoxifies cells and restores their proper functions. It is bio-revitalizing and anti-aging. It fights with wrinkles, firms the skin and makes it more flexible. 261 PLN
DETOX OXYGENATING SCRUB – a special formulation based on micro-exfoliating beads of different size, eliminates dead cells. Restores the skin’s natural beauty thanks to CELL DETOXIUM and OXYGEN FLOW that stimulate cellular detoxification and improve breathing. Amazonian butter pataua softens and moisturizes the skin. The scrub makes the skin fresh, clean and radiant. 119 PLN
DETOXING CLEANSING MOUSSE – cleanses and removes impurities, makeup residues and excess sebum. It revitalizes, makes the skin fresh , radiant and comfortable. It restores microfloral bacteria on the skin surface to keep it in good condition. 132 PLN

Multi-protective properties strengthen the skin’s barrier functions, creating an invisible protective film against pollution, UV rays and free radical damage.

The deeply detoxifying properties of CELL DETOXIUM trap toxins at the very heart of the cells, boosting the protective properties of Pollushield™ against external agents.

This silky, ultra-light, matt-finish fluid coats the skin with an imperceptible protective film, making it suitable for daily use and for layering with other treatments and make-up.

270 PLN
SKIN CODE ANTI-AGE MICRO-RENEWAL CREAM – specially designed to promote gentle and gradual renewal of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced day after day, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and skin imperfections are diminished, too. Thanks to REVIVIL skin is immediately smooth and radiant. 331 PLN
SKIN CODE ANTI -OX -ANTIOXIDANT ANTI-AGE CREAM -rich, nourishing cream, protects the skin from free radicals, antioxidant stress and external irritation. Combats symptoms of skin-aging, helps to keep the young appearance,reduces wrinkles, loss of tension and flexibility. 344 PLN
SKIN CODE SERUM 3 D SCULPT AMPOULE intensive firming concentrate-intensive,sculpting concentrate,combats loss of tone,signs of gravity,sagging skin and defines the contours of the face. The instant tensor effect texture, smooths the skin, sculpts and lifts the contours of the face. 199 PLN
SKIN CODE SERUM ANTI – OX AMPOULE intensive antioxidant concentrate -protects the skin from external irritations and free radicals. It stimulates the skin to restore, leaving it firm and resistant. Regenarating texture makes the skin soft snd nourished.

199 PLN

SKIN CODE SERUM INSTANT MATT INSTANT MATT AMPOULE intensive sebum normalising concentrate immediately reduces the lucidity of the areas with excess sebum,helps to rebalance the sebaceous secreation and refine the skin’s texture. Matts and reduces imperfections immediately.

199 PLN

SKIN CODE SERUM NEW LIGHT – NEW LIGHT AMPOULE intensive illuminating concentrate – eliminates redness and dark stains, restore skin tone, vitality radiance and illuminates. Works well for matt, poorly oxygenated skin which lost illumination because of stress or fatigue.

199 PLN

SKIN CODE SERUM STOP RED – STOP RED AMPOULE intensive anti-redness concentrate – soothing concentrate against redness, restores protective skin layer, reduces skin’s hyper-reaction to external factors. Soft, gentle formula provides immediate feeling of comfort, gradually improves skin’s quality and appearance.

199 PLN

protective , anti-aging cream enriched with silver micro dust. It is strong, antioxidant treatment, provides soothing effect. It slows down the first symptoms of aging and treats harmful effects of stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Enriched with silver microdust which strengthens the structure of the skin’s protective barrier.
322 PLN
Restructuring and filling anti-age treatment. Thanks to its amino peptide “ no-a.g.e.s peptides “ complex, it is specifically formulated to fight wrinkles, saggy skin and loss of tone which are associated with glycation, one of the main skin ageing processes caused by excess sugar in our diet.
Enriched with GOLDEN Collagenine, an invaluable peptide complex containing colloidal gold, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.
369 PLN
Anti-age treatment that regenerates the skin deep down, with AGE DELAY Complex and PLATINUM SKIN-Matrix, a precious peptide complex containing colloidal platinum. It stimulates the production of “Klotho”, youth proteins, reactivating the vital functions of youthful skin for a more “plumped up”, firmer complexion. Boosted with isoflavones from the red poppy, it is also recommended for women during or pre-menopause who suffer from dry skin, loss of tone and the appearance of brown spots. Its content is rich, nourishing, ideal for dry, dehydrated skin.
381 PLN
icon Correcting Eye Cream with  colour-correcting pigments and diamond dust, it immediately visibly reduces dark circles and makes the eyes fresh and vibrant. Improves microcirculation and smoothes out wrinkles
281 PLN
Sublime serum, with a of GOLDEN collagen-base and the aminopeptide complex “”no-a.g.e.s peptides””, which stimulate new collagen production and counteract wrinkles. Enriched with golden microcapsules of hyaluronic acid which melt in contact with the skin, donating a bright.clean feeling.
485 PLN
light, hydrating and protective cream, perfect for immediate skin hydration,diminishes wrinkles due to dehydration. Enriched with acetylglucosamine which stimulates production of hyaluronic acid, due to which water reserves are created and skin is strengthened. Ideal fo dry and dewatered skin.
243 PLN

velvet cream, ideal for skin which needs immediate hydration, nourishing and protection against external factors. Its rich texture deeply hydrates, smoothes wrinkles, reduces the symptoms of aging. It is enriched with Omega Ceramide complex which helps to restore skin lipids level and protective barrier for more supple skin.Enriched with GOLDEN Collagenine, an invaluable peptide complex containing colloidal gold, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.

294 PLN
multi- correcting eye contour gel. Contains epigalloccatechin which improves periocular microcirculation and prevents the formation of bags and dark circles. It reduces symptoms of aging, fine line and expression lines. Soothes eyes that are tired and strained from the use of smartphones, computers, stress,fatigue and late nights. Smooths and illuminates. The gel is quickly absorbed and instantly illuminates the eyes. Tri-metal ball roll-on strengthens its anti-swelling properties
185 PLN
intensive replenishing treatment for dry and dehydrated skin. Particularly suitable following exposure to extreme atmospheric agents (cold, sun, wind, thermal shock) and dry environments (aeroplanes or air conditioning). A veritable “oasis of wellbeing” for dry, stressed skin. Helps restore skin hydration levels and alleviates skin discomfort and tightness. The serum-texture, intensively repairs the skin, leaving it instantly hydrated, soft, fresh and toned.
158 PLN
SENSITIVE MICCELAR CLEANSING WATER – soft and refreshing with hydramoist characteristics: A water-based cleanser designed to remove make-up and impurities from face, eyes and lips delicately and easily, with no need to rinse. It does not leave oily traces and does not dry the skin. No alcohol and no preservatives. It is ideal to cleanse sensitive and couperose skin.151 PLN

SENSITIVE ANTI-WRINKLE PROTECTIVE CREAM SPF15 – provides a protective layer on the body, protects from external agents and solar radiations.Contains neuro -peptides Pro-Sense which protect the skin from irritation and redness.It is anti-aging and nourishing. It restores the skin comfort , freshness and softness.

239 PLN
SENSITIVE SOOTHING CREAM FOR COUPEROSE – Specially formulated for reactive skin often affected by localized redness due to a fragile superficial microcirculation. It soothes the burning sensation and reduces skin redness, thanks to bioflavonoids and vasoprotective peptides. It is enriched with green corrective pigments which immediately covers skin imperfections caused by cuperosis. It gives the skin uniform appearance.327 PLN
SENSITIVE ULTRA GENTLE 24- HOUR NUTRICREAM – it provides nourishment to sensitive skin.It calm burning and other reactions that cause discomfort. It is very rich in elicina (snail slime concentrate)and has multiple actions: soothes, regenarates, moisturizes, reduces redness, provides for even complexion, anti-aging. Highly tolerable formulation for fragile and hyper-reactive skin.378 PLN
SENSITIVE GENTLE EYE CONTOUR CREAM – preservatives free, without fragnance.Combats signs of fatigue and ageing around the eyes,soothes discomfort and irritation on sensitive skin.Revives and tightens the eye area, soothes and hydrates, restores natural softness,keeping physiological ph.214 PLN
PURIFYING DEEP CLEANSING GEL — refreshing and astringent with salicylic acid. Effective in cleansing oily, shiny and acne-prone skin . Eliminates excess sebum, impurities and traces of make-up and purifies the pores for pleasantly fresh skin free to breathe. It combats microbial proliferation and prevents the formation of blackheads and spots. Soap-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. 112 PLN
PURIFYING PORE PERFECTING SERUM – light serum with exfoliating acids.Reduces skin imperfetions, moisturizes and flattens. Reduces dilated and blocked pores. Thanks to micro-exfoliating action,makes the skin gentle, clean and restores even skin tone. Recommended for young and mature skin. Paraben and oil free. 169 PLN
PURIFYING 24 H MATIFYING ANTI AGE CREAM – firming cream with no-a.g.e.s peptides for imperfections of mature skin. This cream is an ideal treatment for fighting wrinkles on skin that is stained due to age and scars, with dilated pores and irregular colouring. It has moistirizing and anti-aging effects. It refines the texture of the skin, makes it more elastic and gives back a uniform, fresh complexion and smooth, toned skin. 277 PLN
WHITE SERUM LOTION WITH VITAMINE C Tones and refreshes the face, restoring radiance. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it quenches the skin and counteracts complexions which have become yellow and dull-looking due to stress and ageing, giving skin renewed shin151 PLN
24 hour even white cream – controls and reduces and prevents the symptoms of aging – dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin, controls the balance of melanine. Improves the light’s reflection from skin surface and restores the skin tone immediately.

347 PLN

BRIGHTENING WHITE ESSENCE shock treatment with reflex technology. On the surface it reflects the light and brings instant radiance to the skin. Fights spots and wrinkles. Makes it smoother and silkier.303 PLN
WHITELIGHT SPOT TARGETTING ROLL ON ultra concentrated special illuminating treatment to reduce local dark stains and imperfections

177 PLN

WHITELIGHT VITAMINE C 20% INTENSIVE SERUM – pure, highly concentrated vitamine C, intensive treatment designed to fight wrinkles, loss of elasticity and radiance. Ideal to apply after sunny holidays as an illuminating treatment.

152 PLN

REGENERATING EXFOLIATING TONIC – illuminating renewal lotion. Gently removes dead and dull skin cells leaving even and vital complexion, thanks to acid complex. It is ideal to prepare the skin for acid treatments. It is also recomended for daily care for greasy and mixed complexion.148 PLN
RESURFACE SKIN RENEWAL SERUM new generation anti age concentrate containing EGF (epidermal growth factor) naturally foun in the skin . Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production, reducing the depth of wrinkles. For a firmer,more supple and more radiant skin.143 PLN
RESURFACE SKIN REGENERATING SERUM – a pure and micro-encapsulated retinol concentrate with a powerful anti-aging and anti-imperfection action. The special encapsulation technology prtotects the retinol from the degradation, deliveres it through the various layers of the skin and promotes its gradual release over time, for the prolonged and more gentle effect on the skin. It improves skin’s texture giving youthful and revitalising effect.163 PLN
Purifying and uniforming concentrate ideal for blemishes caused by acne and impure skin, and for treating scars and imperfections. With azelaic acid that stimulates cell renewal, prevents bacterial overgrowth and helps tighten pores and vitamin PP that reduces dark spots and discolorations, for a more uniform complexion. Ideal for a smoother, even skin texture.
163 PLN
De-reddening, calming and repairing cream with chrome-corrective green pigments. Perfect for rebalancing irritated and fragile skin due to aggressive external agents, cosmetic treatments and intensive dermo-aesthetic,laser , mezotherapy or chemical peeling. It rebalances and strengthens the skin’s barrier, restoring comfort, hydration and relief. With its green corrective chromium pigments, it visibly reduces irritation and redness phenomena and gives the skin an healthy and radiant complexion.
289 PLN
Youth venom the serum 30 ml
An ultra potent smoothing concentrate rich in μ-Conotoxin III, a brand-new patented neuropeptide that reproduces – without side effects – the formidable wrinkle relaxing action of the potent venom produced by the Conus seashell. Its extraordinary effectiveness – clinically tested – and its 3D relaxing action helps to relax micro skin contractions and to reduce the number, volume and depth of even the deepest and consolidated wrinkles. Gives immediate effects, ideal before a big day.
595 PLN

Youth venom cream 50 ml – cosmetic, skin’s sculptor.Based on a high concentration of μ-Conotoxin III and rich texture.It smoothes wrinkles, melts into the skin, makes the skin look young. It nourishes, shapes and illuminates.It takes you to another dimension when you feel it.

 783 PLN