Face - lift / oval improvement

Accent XL

Treatment by instrument Accent xl is a comfortable and painless  method of electrical skin stimulation by frequency of radio waves. During the therapy, proper skin layers and subcutaneous tissue are warmed up which leads to  thermolofting of a target area.  It is effective because of 2 different  heads : unipolar and biopolar which adjust  the kind and depth of a therapy to the patient”s needs. Treatment Accent XL turns out to be efficient in case of such problems like lack of skin firmness , loss of face oval, or wrinkles. The radio waves shape the tissue and make it slim at the same time.

How does it work?

During the treatment, due to the force of radiofrequency, the dermis is warmed to the temperure of 40-44 degrees centigrate. The warmth  created in the skin  causes  shortening and densing collagen. The reason for that is that during aging the number of collagen fibres is getting smaller and smaller. They stretch because of gravitation and their structure is disordered. When the skin is heated, collagen fibres  are tense again and firiblasts are stimulated to produce  new collagen and elastine. What is more, warmth in tissues causes  vasolidation which makes the skin better nourished and oxygenated,and the  cell matabolism is improved, too. As a result, skin is more firm,the skin tone is improved,and wrinkles are smoothed.

The efficiency  results by combining two heads biopolar and unipolar which can work at varios  depth in the skin. The target area can get slimmer, too.

Advantages of the treatment

  • The treatment doe not exclude from professional activity.
  • The effect are visible after a few sessions. The skin is smoothed, better tense, rejuveneted and more firm and shaped almost immediately after the treatment.
  • Thanks to two heads, the treatment can be adjusted to teh patient’s indivual needs . It is possible to deal with thin, thick and covered by fatty tissue skin.
  • Treatment by instrument Accent is totally painless and safe.

Who is it for?

  • Lack of skin firmness and flexibility
  • mimic wrinkles, facial furrows
  • loss of face oval
  • the problem of double chin
  • swelling under eyes
  • the effect of saggy cheeks
  • eyelid dropping problem
  • grey, smoky, badly nourished skin

Effects of the treatment:

  • firmness, increase in skin density and flexibility
  • decrease in local fatness e.g near cheeks and chin
  • rejuvenating eye area -reduction of swelling under eyes and lifting dropping eyelids
  • filling in wrinkles
  • improvement of face oval
  • faster metabolism, oxygenating and skin nourishing
  • improvement of quality and skin tone


  • A single treatment takes 30-60 minutes -it depends on size of target area . As far as  face, neck, or neck line area is concerned, you are recommended to perform 4-6 treatments every 10 to 14 days.To get the best results you re recommended to perform this treatment once in 6 months
  • After the treatment you must remember to moisture the skin, use  cosmetics containing vit C which strengthens the effects of the treatment
  • You must remember to drink about, 2,5 litres of water daily