Face - lift / oval improvement

Mezotherapy Cellucare | Stretchcare

It is an esthetic theraphy which consists of inserting active substances  to skin by means of injecting 2 preparations:

1. Ampoules cellucare – activates fat burning, consists of

  • hyaluronic acid  – it  has moisturizing and firming effect
  • caffeine – an ingredient which stimulates microcirculation
  • microelements – manganese, cobalt, zinc microelements which has astringant action, antibacterial, and protects against free radicals

2. Ampoules stretchcare – which lift and smooth skin, consist of:

  • DMAE – brings visible lifting effect and  skin tension, strains collagen fibres
  • hyaluronic acid – has moisturizing and regenerative effects
  • vitamin B5  and trace elements – strengthen natural  defensive  mechanisms and protect against free radicals

Combining 2 kinds of ampoules enables us to  improve facial contours and get rid of so called double chin.

How does it work?

The patient needs local anesthetic in occlusion before the treatment. Then we start by injecting a series of Cellucare preparation in places with visible excess of fatty tissue  near the oval area. The therapy aims to break down the body fat and increase microcirculation in the target area. Next step consists of injecting an ampoule containting preparation Strechcare which lifts and firms the skin and also strains collagen fibres. As a result, the lines are highlighted and the shape is more visible and vivid. Skin is soft and smooth because of hyaluronic acid from both ampoules.

Advantages of the treatment:

Stimulating natural rebuilding procesess of skin by means of micro injecting which enhances physiological regenerative processes of skin

Revitalizing effects by means of active substances, vitamins, minerals and aminoacids

Who is it for?

  • Losing facial contours
  • sagging face
  • local defattening  (double cheeks, jawline)
  • swelling


  • improvement of firmness and density of skin face
  • skin is strained  and strengthened,,  facial features are more vivid , the face oval is well shaped and it is more expressive
  • skin is smooth, well strained, strengthened, lifted  and flexible
  • double chin is smaller


To get the best effects you are advised to perform a series of 4 treatments in 14 days breaks.

Engorgements and  bruises are possible after the treatment , so you are advised to use preparations with  arnica few days before to decrease the ski’s sensitivity.