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Body - treatments for scars and stretch marks

Carboxytherapy for scars and stretchmarks

It is a therapeutic treatment which uses  carbon dioxide by means of a special tool called  Reology-2. CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas which stimulates natural processes in the body. This is why it is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. This method works well with excessive fatty tissue, muscle weaknesses, scars and stretchmarks. This treatment is the most effective method to remove these changes. In optimal conditions, it is possible to overcome about 80 % of  visible strechmarks and scars.

How does the treatment Reology 2 work?

The treatment consists of  subcutaneous,, linear, precise injecting controlled doses of CO2 to the scar and stretchmark area. A little lifting is obtained, which is commonly known as popcorn effect. During this process the flow of blood, oxygen and nutritients  to the target area is increased. It  makes the neovascularisation process easier ( creating new blood vessels) which results in better blood circulation.It  makes effective skin pigmentation, and thanks to it, the color of stretchmarks is getting similar to the natural skin color. Injections result in controlled inflammation reaction which stimulates production of collagen and  elastin and the changes areas are settled as well as density and skin firming.

Carboxytherapy is used to fight against old and new stretchmarks and scars. The skin is improved regardless of its color and shade.

Pros of the treatment:

No traces are left, which enables the patient to lead normal life immediately after it

No anesthesia is required because injetions are painless. The only discomfort is the feeling of pressure and expansion accompnying the process of gas depositing

It is versatile. During one process, a few problems are being solved.

Reology guarantees security, as the only tool on the market, it is enriched in addtional filters which perfectly purify gas injeted under the skin.

Reology 2 has got a  flow sensor which stops gas delivery when tissues are blocked. The sensor protects tissues from damage and gas is sent exactly to the problem area.

Who is it for?

  • stretchmarks  after pregnancy
  • stretchmarks caused by fast growth and changes in weight
  • recent postoperative scars
  • older scars

Results of the surgery:

  • firmness and density of the tissue
  • improvement of circulation and skin flexibility
  • brightening and shortness of strechmarks and scars

Plan of the treatment:

  • you are advised to perform  10-20 treatments in a week break
  • in case of recent scars it is better to start the treatment  about 2, 3 weeks after complete wound recovery
  • to strengthen the effects you are advised to combine this treatment with other treatments for scars for example with Emerge,  therapeutic endermologie or mesotherapy.

During the therapy you are advised to drink a large quantity of water and using home care treatments recommended by the cosmetologist

Till 2 days after the treatment it is advisable not to use sauna, hot bath or avoid  too much physical activities.