Scalp hair loss


It is a therapeutic treatment which uses carbon dioxide by means of a special instrument Reology 2.

CO2 is fragnance free, transparent gas which increases natural processes in your body, this is why it is so common in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It is recommended  to revitalize face neck, neckline  and circles under eyes.

It is also  an innovative method to fight against excessive hair loss and thinning.

How does it work?

The treatment consists of dosing  medical carbon dioxide  to the scalp area my means of a thin needle. This is accomplished by use of mesotherapy techniques .

The gas in contact with tissue and water which is in them , turns into carbon acid which stimulates blood circulation.Blood vessels extend , and new ones are created which results in better oxygenation and stimulates follicles. The higher metabolic intensivity in follicles, the better quality of a hair bulb and all hair, which reduces excessive hair loss and stimulates its growth. In addition to  it, hair is thicker, stronger and less prone to hair loss.What is more, scalp puncture , stimulates regenerating processes. Local inflammation is generated and it is assisted by  intensified synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres.

Pros of the treatment:

No traces are left  so you are allowed to lead a normal life

Anesthesia is no needed because injections are painless. The only discomfort is the feeling of pressure and feeling of expansion accompanied by the process of gas  depositing.

system Reology 2can regulate  the temperature of gas that is injected under skin , which gives the patient only gentle feelings

It is possible to regulate the speed of gas flow, which enables to control the patient’s feelings

The treatment is versatile – few problems are being solved

Treatment  Reology 2  guarantees full security as the only tool on the market, it is enriched with additional filters which perfecly purify gas CO1 which is injected under the skin.

Reology 2 has got flow sensor which stops gas delivery when tissues are blocked. The sensor protects tissues from destruction, and gas is directed into problem area immediately

Who is it for?

  • Weak, damaged hair needing nutrition
  • Balding prevention
  • Hair loss, androgenetic balding, alopecia areata
  • balding caused by stress or vitamin deficiencies
  • psoriasis
  • Results of the treatment:
  • strengthening and regenerating hair roots
  • inhibiting hair loss
  • lengthening the phase of hair growth
  • improvement of microcirculation of the skin
  • increase in capilary blood vessels nourishing the hair roots
  • revitalization of the scalp

Plan of the treatment:

The treatment does not require any special preparations, and it takes about 10-15 minutes.  To see better effects you are advised to carry out a series of 5- 10 treatments with  7-10 days intervals To get better results you are advised to combine the treatment with  needle mesotherapy of the scalp.