Sun Care

intensive tanning activator. Recommended for everyone who wants to prepare the skin for suntan and for those who want to get a rapid suntan even when the sunshine is not so strong
159 PLN
SUN RISE  super tanning gel-legs – SUPER TANNING GEL – LEGS
gel with micro reflected pearls, oil free, fast absorbed, ideal for those who have problems with tanning some places
159 PLN
SUN SHINE sun stick SPF 50 +, protective, for sensitive places, innovative, transparent stick which protects the most sensitive areas ( nose, mouth, eye contours, decolette) and tatooes, doesn’t leave white traces, ideal for beach and ski slope129 PLN
SUN SHINE protective face cream anti – age, anti – spot, SPF 50 thanks to UVB-UVA-IR it protects against sunshine, non greasy, non sticky texture enables perfect spreading, recommended for all kinds of complexion, especially with discoloration or symptoms of skin -aging caused by the sun. Ideal laso for pregnant women.199 PLN
SUN SHINE milk spray face/body protection SPF 50+ – guarantess complete and perfect protection even for the most sensitive skin. The spray is easy and fast to use. It can be used for children since birth.199 PLN
SUN SHINE super spraying oil spray body SPF 30 – quick absorbing spray oil, waterproof , for medium light skin, makes the skin soft and nourished, apply alternately during sunshine with other protective praparations189 PLN
SUN SHINE protective face cream with anti-age SPF 30 Thanks to UVB-UVA-IR, protects from sunshine, recommended for dry, normal nad oversensitive to sunshine skin. Non greasy and non sticky formula leaves no traces after spreading168 PLN
SUN SHINE moisturizing protective milk body SPF 30 ultra sensoric, liquid texture which connects lightness and hydration power with rapid absorbtion. It doesn’t leave oily or white marks.189 PLN
SUN SHINE moisturizing milk spray body SPF 20 it protects the skin from the damage of sun exposure leaving a silky, smooth skin . This is an ecological spray , easy to use and absorb, free of pollutant gases. Speacial anti-sand formulation, also suitable for those who practice beach sport189 PLN
SUN SHINE invisible protective spray SPF 30 – invisible protection and fast drying , leaves no traces,
anti- sand formulation, perfect for men and those who practice outdoor sports
214 PLN
SUN SHINE protective cream face body SPF 15
fresh, light non greasy and fast absorbing gel cream
172 PLN
SUN SHINE super tanning oil spray body SPF 10, waterproof, fast absorbed spray oil, for those who want quick and intensive suntan. For dark or tanned skin.178 PLN
SUN SET refreshing after sun body cream – it gives relief and hydration to the skin attacked by the sun. It is cream gel which combiness lightness and hydration power with fast absorbtion214 PLN
SUN SET soothing after sun face cream with DNA smart protection it is perfect to repair post sun damage and protect cutaneous cell DNA. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin in depth, protecting it from premature aging by itself.153 PLN
SUN SET AFTER SUN SHOWER BODY GEL – moisturiznig and regenerating shower gel, especially designed to counteract the effects of sun,salt and chlorine to prolong the tan. With its formulation based on mild, detergent substances without SLES and SLS, it gently cleanses, preserves the tan and leaves the skin soft and supple.96 PLN
SUN SET sensual body brightness – cream gel, ultra sensual texture. It covers the body by sensual touch which is impossible to resist for the opposite sex. The skin is illuminating due to glittering particles, makes the sun tan distinguish.162 PLN