Face - cleansing

Manual face cleansing

Manualne oczyszczanie twarzy

Manual face cleansing is the oldest and the most popular   cosmetic treatments.It is recommended for people who are prone to blackheads, or having excessive sebaceous glands. It is also performed in case of  dermatological diseases. It can be carried out periodically regardless of age and kind of skin.

How does it work?

It is a care treatment during which blackheads are removed manually. Due to it, inflammations are healed easily and skin is smoothed and  brighter.Thanks to nutritional ingredients inluded in the preparations reaching the skin deeply, the complexion gets clean , smooth and fresh.

Who is it for?

  • epidermis contaminated with blackheads, enlarged pores, lumps and spots
  • increased sebaceous glands seen as skin shine in so called T area near forehead, nose and chin,
  • dermatological disease for example acne therapy.
  • preparation  before  starting care treatment.

Effects of the treatment;

  • removing dead, healed epidermal cells
  • unblocking pores and mouth of sebaceous glands
  • removing blackheads
  • removing toxins from tissues
  • preparation to other cosmetic treatments
  • visible  skin tone improvement

How to  plan it?

  • The treatment of face cleansing can be done all year long
  • Face cleansing is a kind of treatment that should be performed for everyone at least once a year, no matter if your skin is dry, normal, sensitive or mature
  • if your skin is fat or combination, the treatment depends on the skin’ s needs and the cosmetologist’s advice
  • after the treatment of manual face cleansing, you are advised to use preparations with photoprotection not lower than 30 SPF and creams recommended by the cosmetologist to revitalize skin