Face - dry skin


This is a unique connection of an oxygen technology system which provides high concentration of pure hyperbaric oxygen and a patented technology of 3 hyaluronic layers. This technology enables efective infusion that is delivery of active components taking care of deep layers of  dermis. This technology also enables  to deliver constant oxygen stream  which  has  effects of systemic exposure. It increases metabolic process and makes using serum more effective. This method has, original rich composition and widespread use.  There  are 4 kinds of serum : rejuvenate, Atoxelene ( against wrinkles round eyes and mouth) , Opulence (brightening, for discoloration, Clarity (acne inflammation)

How does it work?

After special preparation for the treatment-make up removal and cleaning the skin, we pull oxygen trigger onto the skin surface according to the way we will feel later during the treatment. Then , we spread  serum by means of trigger on  all face, neck and  and neckline. The main aim of this method is rejuvenation. However, it is also recommended for different skin problems ,both if you want to reduce wrinkles, restore firmness of the skin, and reach younger and healthier  appearance, and for people with decoloring and acne problems. After the treatment it is recommended to apply cosmetics from intraceutticals series prepared on 3 layers,  hyaluronic technology dedicated to support the effects of this treatment.


  • this treatment gives you one hour relaxation
  • it is the best treatment before a big day, it will work perfectly for example  before a wedding
  • it optimates the make up
  • effects are visible immediately after thr treatment.
  • Skin is rediant, healthy,tight and totally hydrated
  • The basic treatment may be enriched with additional products known as boosters
  • booster with vitamin A regenerates,  brightens and purifies
  • booster with antioxidants-detoxifies,revitalizes , restores skin balance especially for those living in large agglomerations
  • booster with vitamin C – smoothes, revitalizes and stregthens vessels
  • booster with collagen -restores, improves skin tone, stimulates density and skin firmness

Who is this treatment for?

  • prevention of dehydration
  • mature skin with loss of density
  • loss of facial contours
  • outlined expression lines
  • wrinkles
  • grey, matte (smoky) complexion
  • discoloration of the skin-solar stains, acne discolorations
  • little wrinkles
  • lines under eyes- crows feet

Results of the treatment:

  • skin is hydrated
  • visible filling, lifting
  • increase in skin density,firmness and tone
  • brightening of discoloration
  • wrinkle reduction
  • inflammation reduction
  • accelerating the healing
  • restores skin glow  and illumination

How to plan the treatment?

  • It can be carried out in any time of the year
  • it does not require recovery and is recommeded before big days
  • 6 sessions every week
  • You are advised to apply special cosmetics chosen by the cosmetologist to stregthen the surgery treatments