Face cosmetics

Accordion Content
EYE CLEAN bi – phase textured liquid to remove make-up,
removes hard to clean and waterproof make-up of eyes and mouth, gentle to skin, odourless, does not cause any skin irritations
96 PLN
Soothing cleansing milk – gentle cleansing milk, light texture, perfect for sensitive skin. It perfectly cleans and removes impurities from the skin surface.Thanks to extracts from cucumber and camomile moisturizes and smoothes the skin.109 PLN
Soothing tonic lotion – delicate for skin, removes any remains of milk, restores proper skin functions by restoring natural ph109 PLN
Soothing micellar cleansing water – micellar liquid, contains extracts from cherry flowers, thoroughly removes impurities and make up. Skin feels soft smooth without using water.116 PLN
Puryfing cleansing foam – delicate foam for mixed and oily skin, contains active Sebostop cleanses the skin deep down and tightens pores, leaves the skin fresh and free from irritations126 PLN
Cleansing Foam Ecobiology – delicate cleansing foam, perfect for all skin types including sensitive.Based on natural active ingredients, enriches with a water softening agent, soap free, preserves natural defenses affected by external environment, unfavorable for skin detergents.135 PLN
Perfect cleansing gel – perfectly cleans, removes all kinds of make up even water-proof. The gel transforms into oil when massaged into skin, after adding small amount of water, milky emulsion is created. Eliminates water and oily impurities. Shea butter soothes the skin and camellia oil protects against drying out143 PLN
Lilly Essences Mild Exfoliator – delicate peeling with lilly essences. It is a delicate peeling which eliminates dead skin cells and skin imperfections within minutes. It transforms into olive when put in circular movements. Skin is oxygenated and the complexion is fresh and radiant. Especially recommended for sensitive and vascular skin.130 PLN
Radiance gentle scrub – radiant peeling cream, it naturally exfoliates. It contains seeds from pomegranate which leave the skin refreshed and radiant. It removes dead skin cells by mechanical and enzimatic features, it smoothes, puryfies, restores comfort and softness.144 PLN
IHC cream – incredible hydrating cream. The cream gives you intense hydration even when the skin is dewatered . Thanks to Aqua Cellular Complex the natural skin barrier is strengthened and it prevents from moisture loss, improves water circulation , it reinforces the skin’ s power of hydration. IHC ensures optimal skin hydration at different levels of skin.417 PLN
Light moisturizng cream – light cream with fast absorbtion texture, a real source of hydration,, the skin is protected against harmful effects of environmental agression. The skin feels comfortable and long lasting freshness by combing carrot and mallow.152 PLN
Hydrosmosecream– moisturizing cream – the skin is continuously moisturized. The cream provides skin with a non stop source of hydration by means of osmosis. It contains extract from olive oil which restores the skin’s flexibility and vitamin E protects against free radicals340 PLN
Hydrosmose serum – inteligently moisturizing serum. It revitalizes dehydrated skin by replenishing cells with moisturizing through osmosis. The skin is luminous, supple and soft. It is ideal to use under the cream for daily care.291 PLN
Hydromose mask – moisturizing mask which hydrates the skin immediately thanks to aquasmoses filled with hyaluronic acids. In 10 minutes the skin is perfectly dehydrated,soft, the dewatered lines are smoothed. The skin recovers radiant look.149 PLN
Ingenious cream SPF 15 – ingenious moisturizing cream , its fluid formule gives illuminating effect, SPF 15. The cream is rich in extract mallows which restore the skin comfort and provides long lasting hydration, pigments unleash the full glare colour immediately after application, perfect for all types of complexion, evens skin tone, leaves satin finish.149 PLN
Age firming cream – firms and rejuvenates ., anti aging rejuvenating cream. Valuable extracts of sea buckhorn and black algae revitalize the skin structure,stimulate the cell metabolism,increase firmness of the skin, regenerates flexible fibres, stimulates the synthetis of hyaluronic acid, prevents the formation of wrinkles. The skin is firm,smooth and tense.494 PLN
Wrinkle smoothing cream – the cream visibly erases wrinkles and fine lines, prevents against first symptoms of skin aging, reinforces the skin’s elasticity and adds a more youthfull appearance, protects the skin from free radicals. Day after day wrinkles diminish and the skin appears smoother and younger.246 PLN
Vita lift cream – ideal cream for daily care of mature skin, it includes patented complex dermostimulines which improves cellular regeneration , regenerates collagen fibres and elastine. Vitamin C fights with free radicals and makes the skin youthful look. The skin regains firmness, becomes smooth and radiant332 PLN
Nourishing firming cream – ideal cream for dry skin which needs firming.It contains complex dermostimulines which stimulates cell metabolism, increases natural process of producing collagen fibres and elastine. Shea butter restores the skin’s softness and smoothness , and liftoproteins improve face contours.353 PLN
Firming – lifting serum -thanks to its immediate tensor effect, the face is visibly rejuvenated. Two complexes demostimulines and Inductine lift stimulate collagen’s and elastine’s production, which makes the skin smoother , firm and facial contours are better shaped.299 PLN
Expert Face Sculptor – cream shaping facial contours, serum-cream including advanced complexes which speed up the fat burning, facial contours are slimmer. Tensing ingredients lift the skin, make it firm and rejuvenate facial contours Facial contours are reshaped and resculpted. The cream is perfect to get rid of the double chin355 PLN
First youth – the cream was created due to first symptoms of skin aging. The cream influences cells and tissues , it activates vital functions of skin cells and makes up for shortage of hormones. Day after day, wrinkles disappear, skin gets firm and flexible, and recovers its youthful appearance417 PLN
Enriched new youth – the cream consists of rich texture, regenerates and rejuvenates cells. It contains essential fatty acids Omega 6 which restore the skin’s comfort and elasticity. The skin gets firm and radiant after the first day of application.432 PLN
Double youth Multi Cellular – double youth, luxurious, rejuvenating cream, it reaches all skin levels. Thanks to double youth multi cellular concentrate, it regenerates, firms and restores skin’s comfort. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, improves skin’s firmness and flexibility by regenerating ela- stine fibres and stimulating collagen synthesis.710 PLN
New youth serum – the face recovers a new, youthful appearance. It contains a concentrate of cell life which stimulates cells’ regeneration, makes up for hormons shortage and shapes facial contours. The cream works intensively , can be used under cream for daily care.353 PLN
Age Signes Repair – contentrated rejuvenating serum . It is the strongest therapy regenerating cells, can be used under cream.It is a high concentration serum with 60 cell active ingredients which combat the visible signs of aging. The skin looks visibly younger and firmer. Wrinkles and lines are lessened and signs of fatigue fade.698 PLN
New youth mask – a strongly rejuvenating mask. It is enough to leave it on for ten minutes. Strong active ingredients reach deeply into the skin leaving the skin immediately smoothe, firm , and wrinkles are filled in.223 PLN
Age Signes Reverse – time machine . The cream contains immune anti age ingredients. It contains ingredients of cell life which increase skin’s activity by stimulating cell’s regeneration, and vitamin C which fights free radicals and prevents discoloration and the most innovative complex Age Immune cellular which protects cells of immune response. You may say that this cream strengthens immunity against skin ageing. In addition to it, the cream has rich, creamy texture and delicate floral fragnance. It is the most luxurious type of anti ageing cure.966 PLN
New youth ‘ neck and decolette’ – perfect lifting and firming treatment for your decolette for everyday use.Creamy gel shapes neck’s contour, diminishes discoloration of decolette and firms the skin.277 PLN
Hydrating matifluid – exceptionally light texture for mixed and oily skin, thanks to mattifying powder only excessive sebum is absorbed , drying the skin at the same time.In addition to it, hydrosmose complex ensures long lasting hydration, Suits well under the make up.130 PLN
Clarifying Mati Cream – clarifying cream which helps to eliminate the problem of shiny oily skin, helps to mattify and purify skin as well as tighten pores. Light and fresh texture is rapidly absorbed and the skin is mattified. It cleans and soothes the skin. It has antibacterial properties, regulates sebum secretion. It is ideal under the make up.147 PLN
Purifying Mati Mask – mask put for 10 minutes absorbes excess sebum, eliminates impurities and cleans skin,balances and and soothes irritations.Perfect for mixed and oily skin.133 PLN
Instant Soothing Cream rapid biological bandage
If the cream is used every day, it soothes the most overdried skin, and leaves the skin nourished for a long time, it is suitable for skin of all kinds of irritations , such as burn, exfoliation, sores, and helps to restore health
153 PLN
Nutrizen cream – intensely nourishing cream- recommended for dry, stressed skin, with a shortage of lipids.Rich in nourishing and protecive, active ingredients ( Omega 3,6,9), leaves the skin comfortable, and flexible, and the face looks relaxed, radiant and smooth. The texture is light, suits under the make up243 PLN
Nutrizen Mask – gets rid of the feeling od hense and tiredness thanks to rich essential oils.Lotus extract and and shea butter restore comfort to skin, leave it smooth and beautiful144 PLN
Multi Sensitive cream – soothing and protective cream.
Everyday cream for a demanding and sensitive skin. It soothes immediately thanks to inhibiting mediators, reduces redness, restores protective skin barrier, protects the skin from external agressions, ideal for skin capillaries
277 PLN
Multi Sensitive Serum – intensely soothing cream.
The serum provides deep down rapid action, relieves delicate and hypersensitive skin. It provides action at the heart of the cells. It regulates symptoms of cutaneous sensitivity and relieves sensation of hypersensitivityand discomfort
271 PLN
Multi Sensitive Mask SOS – soothing mask SOS
Delicate, calming mask for sensitive skin, releases irritations and hyperactivity such as redness or overheating by deep penetration of active components deep into the skin.
143 PLN
Pure environment – hypoalergenic, revitalizing and moisturizing cream, it is a unique, hypoalergenic product which oxygenates the skin’s cells, and neutralizes any destructive, environmental actions. It restores hydrolipid barrier, strengthens the natural immune system, soothes irritations, increases water reserves. It turns out to work well for people livung in aglomerations, in stress, 100% of ingredients are natural.340 PLN

Diam skin – brightening and moistirizing cream
Cream for all types of skin that needs regeneration and renewal. It includes fruit acids that stimulate skin cells and accelerate skin metabolism. Brightening powders included, bring immediate effect of radiant skin. The skin is bright, fresh and flexible.

298 PLN
Orange Energy Cream – the cream in enriched with vitamin C, strengthen natural, protective skin barrier and moisturizes the skjn all day. The complexion is fresh and radiant, it works well to restore the skin after winter or sunny holiday time149 PLN
New Cell Serum – brightening serum, contains complex with phytic acid and white orchid which exfoliates dead cells on the epidermal surface, helps prevent pores from becoming clogged, removes discoloration, keeps balance in skin moistirizing, its pearlescent pigment illuminates the complexion.285 PLN
Brightening Cleansing Oil – brightening oil to remove make up, delicate,oil texture, mixed with water removes even the hardest make up, contains vitamin C and complex which prevents against discoloration – Melanoxy174 PLN
Swhite Brightening cleansing gel – brightening oil to remove make up. Delicate formula of mixture gel and milk, perfectly purifies the skin and removes make up, enriched with Melanoxy -complex against discoloration, stabilized Vitamin C, starts the therapy of brightening as soon as make up is removed146 PLN
Swhite Brightening Toning Lotion – brightening tonic for tired, grey skin with discoloration, refreshes, balances the skin ph, and addtionally complex Melanoxyl against discolorations fight with uneven skin colour, it works well to regenare the skin after sunny holidays, it illuminates the skin and makes radiant any kind of skin146 PLN
Swhite Intense Brightening Serum – the strongest de pigmentating therapy of Mary Cohr. Contains unique composition of active ingredients, among others Melanoxy, vitamins, aminoacids,, trace elements DNA, RNA, the skin is brightened, amd discolorations are less visible. It contains high concentration of vitamin C, so it works well as a therapy after laser exfoliation or termolifting Zaffiro where the care with vitamin C is very important.375 PLN
Swhite Brightening Day Cream SPF 30 – the cream contains Melanoxyl and stabilized vitamin C – strong ingredients with brightening spectrum and UV filters that protect the skin against sunshine during the day. It includes also rejuvenating milky acid and tocopherol which protects collagen and elastine fibres242 PLN
Swhite Brightening Night Cream – regenerative cream , lightens discolorations. It balances skin colour and accelerates cell metabolism and delays skin ageing proceses. The skin is soft, smooth and illuminated . It contains high concentration of vitamin C. It is the best night treatment after laser exfoliating or termolofting Zaffiro.242 PLN
Eye Contour Acti Serum – the cream reduces wrinkles and other lines round the eyes and delays new ones.The cream contains filling hydrospheres and regenerative plant DNA. The skin is firm, smooth and well moisturized. 177 PLN
New Youth Eye Contour – ideal cream for looking after the skin around the contours of the eyes and in the crows feet area. Cream New Youth increases flexibility and erases symptoms of skin ageing. The eyes are full of glow, eyelids are visibly lifted and the are round the eyes is relaxed. 231 PLN
Double Youth Eye Contour The cream contains concentrate of the most effective active ingredients such concentrate of cell life, cellular DNA and hylauronic acid which rejuvenates the area round the eyes by smoothing wrinkles, tensing skin and lifting eyelids. It includes brightening pigments which brighten the shadows under the eyes and add the skin youthful glow. 370 PLN
Lip Comfort – nourishing lip balm – thanks to oils, the balm regenarates and moisturizes. Shea butter included in the balm nourishes the skin exposed to cold and wind.restore lipid barrier, the apricot kernel foil and mango butter create protective film on the surface and prevent against dewatering. Mouths are soft, smooth and beautiful. 90 PLN