Body cosmetics

Body bioenergy home skin care

PF50111 DRAINING ANTI-CELLULITE THALASSO SCRUB draining and smoothing peeling with pink himalayan salt. Firming and anticellulite qualities.279 PLN
PF 50561 BIOENERGY 3 in 1 TOTAL BODY CREAM – cream gel texture gives a feeling of freshness, reduces ‘orange peel277 PLN
PF50571 BIOENERGY ANTI-CELLULITE MUD MOUSSE – intensive mud mousse, it is absorbed fast, work well even with the most resistant cellulite, leaves the skin smooth and and uniform.251 PLN
PF 50581 BIOENERGY DRY ANTICELLULITE OIL – it reactivates metabolism and stimulates micro circulation, fights with orange peel and restoring water for smooth and silky skin199 PLN
PF 50961 BIOENERGY ANTIGRAVITY SERUM – thanks to silky, lifting -effect texture, it leaves the skin smooth and strengthened219 PLN
PF 57601 BIOENERGY SUPER MOISTURING CREAM – soothes sensitive and dry skin, fast absorbed, leaves the skin smooth and elastic167 PLN