Face - crow's feet | shadows | swelling in the eye area


It is  a therapeutic treatment performed by using carbon dioxide by means of a special  tool Reology 2. Co 2 is a  colorless and odorless gas which enhances natural processes in human body, thanks to it , it is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It is recommended  to  biorevitalize face, neck, neck line, and shadows under the eyes. This treatment is the  most effective method to get rid of shadows under the eyes.

How does it work?

The treatment consists of  intradermal and subcutaneous injecting of controlled doses of carbon dioxide in the eye area. Co 2 infusion  increases the blood flow, oxygen and  nutritients to the area of treatment.

Skin round the eyes is fragile , that’s why it needs special care.  A few mechanisms improving skin appearance start working thanks to application of CO2 round  eye contours. As a result of injections, inflammatory response is produced which increases the production of collagen and elastine which makes the skin dense and firm. Additionallly, blood vessels   are extended, the process of neovascularisation (creating new blood vessels) accelerates and gets more efficient. As a result, skin more oxygenated and better nurished, and we obtain new regeneration of skin.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • It leaves no traces, so you are allowed to  carry out your ordinary, daily  duties
  • The treatment is fast, short, there are maximum 5 injections in the area of one eye.
  • It does not require anesthesia because injections are painless . The only unccomfortable feeling is pressure and expansion in the process of gas  depositing.
  • The treatment is versatile .During one treatment ,few problems round the eye area are solved.
  • The treatment Reology 2 is totallly safe. It is the only instrument on the market which is enriched  with addtitional filters which purify gas CO2 injected under skin in 100%.
  • Reology 2 has got a sensor of flow which stops gas delivery when tissues are blocked. The sensor protects tissues from being damaged  and gas is directed to the problem area.

Who is it for?

  • Swelling under the eyes
  • Tiny wrinkles round the eyes
  • shadows under the eyes
  • thin skin under the eyes
  • overdried skin round the eyes
  • descending eyelid
  • fatty spots of a lower eyelid

Results of the  treatment:

  • smoothing wrinkles round the eyes
  • reduction bags under the eyes
  • improvement the quality of skin round the eyes
  • getting rid of shadows under the eyes
  • eye lift
  • density and firmness of eye area
  • improvement of microcirculation

How to plan the treatment?

  • The treatment takes 15 minutes. It is carried out in a series of 5  in 2-3 weeks’ breaks
  • Carboxyteraphy is interchangeably conntected with  mezotheraphy of eye area
  • After the treatment.  you are obliged to take care about  hygiene and  eye area hydration
  • you are advised not to use sauna ot hot baths two days after the treatment