Face cosmetics

Tensing firming cream 50ml  – tensing and firming cream, immediate lifting effect, restores firmness and faceoval, anti-wrinkle effect337 PLN
Firming V shaping cream 50ml – firming cream, improves the face contour, slims the face, stimulates the process of reducing double chin, restores firmness of face contours, anti-wrinkles effect337 PLN
Replenishing Firming Cream 50ml – Krem Wypełniający i Ujędrniający
Przywrócenie naturalnej objętości twarzy, wypełnienie i przywrócenie gęstości skóry, działanie przeciwzmarszczkowe.
337 PLN
Radiance brightening serum 30 ml – brightening and illuminating face serum. Enhaces glow and regains radiant complexion, fights blemishes, antiwrinkles effect337 PLN
Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum 40ml – durably hydrates and smoothes, protects the skin’s water reserves, smoothes wrinkles and furrows.251 PLN
Total Eye Care 20ml – complete eye cream Reduces shadows round the eyes and dark circles,  anti-wrinkles effect.250 PLN
Pre-Care Micellar Lotion 100ml – miccelar liquid, removes makeup, hydrates, soothes the skin and prepares for further treatment80 PLN
Cellular Defense Anti-Aging Cream SPF30 – acts as anti aging shield , healthy skin , fights blemishes, fights free radicals, protects the skin from external agressions and UVA and UVB rays, SPF 30250 zł
Express Face Mist – moisturizing face mist , moisturizes and protects from external agressions, improves skin texture , reveals the radiance of the skin234 PLN
GOLD Eye & Lip Contour Cream – gold cream for eye and lips contours, lift upper eyelid, smoothes wrinkles and imperfections, reduces shadows and dark circles round the eyes, hydrates and restores firmness around eyes and mouth.277 PLN
GOLD Anti-aging Renewal Cream 50ml – gold, complex antiwrinkles cream ,restores and nourishes, thanks to rich ingredients provides the feeling of comfort, regenerates, restores firmness, improves skin structure, gives a strong anti-wrinkles effects.484 PLN
GOLD Anti-Aging Renewal Serum 30ml – gold restoring and anti-wrinkles serum. Regenerates to gain optimal firmness, removes skin ‘s imperfections, illuminates and revitalizes the skin, moisturizes and supplies feeling of comfort.501 PLN