Face - rejuvenation


Endermolift or endermology for face is an innovative  cosmetic procedure using the most modern technology on the  market. During the treatment there are microstrokes that effect the skin’s surface. In this therapy symptoms of aging are reduced, appearance of the skin is improved.

A new patent endermology alliance  works like a real fitness for skin. It stimulates rebuilding and production of rejuvenating skin components.

Colagen – for firm skin

Elastine – for flexibility

Hyaluronic acid – to fill and moisturize the skin naturally

Clinical research prove that technology  LPG enables to perform treatments not only at the level of epidermis or dermis but also within subcutaneous tissue increasing fatty tissue  lipolysis to 70% and production of collagen by  240%

Because of that treatment  Endermolift LPG was rewarded the Pearl of Dermatology in 2017

How does it work?

Face, neck and  neckline are massaged by a special  handpiece , which stimulates natural regenerating processes. A cosmetologist leads the  handpiece equipped with 2 massaging  overlays moving against each other. Motorized handpiece  influences the face’s skin by means of microimpulses which reach deep into the skin stimulating firoblasts.They are responsible for producing collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid – a substance which restores ths skin’s youthful appearance. The treatment improves venuous lymphatic  microcirculation, removes fibrous barriers to oxygenate the tissue better.

Head flaps movement are regulated and their movement  causes underpressure which can work in a constant or rythmical way as adjusted to individual needs .It is possible to program the  force of underpressure and frequency. So treatments such as drainage, smoothing or firming are available to all kinds of skin even thin or sensitive.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • Endermorfit LPG is a natural procedure ( it has got FDA certificate) which restores the skin’s density and eliminates the symptoms of aging at the same time.
  • Endermorfit turns out to work well as a banquet  facial. It exfoliates, firms and restores skin tone. If it is performed regularly, it prevents from skin aging.
  • A cosmetologist has few programms to choose from. So it is possible to adjust the treatment to the patient’s needs and  be successful, it eliminates a lot of skin problems. It can be used as:
  • regenerating treatment which eliminates symptoms of tiredness, swelling and skin impurities.
  • It can be used as a lifting and antiaging treatment- it restores skin’s density and  smoothes wrinkles.
  • It can be used a modelling treatment-it activates natural process of  lypolysis and eliminates toxins.
  • This treatemnt can be enriched by acid exfoliation. Combining  endormolift with almond  or glycolic  acid gives spectatular anti aging effects.
  • The treatment is safe, nice, relaxing.
  • It is perfect for people of all ages, both women and men

Who is it for?

  • hypoxic non flexible skin
  • lack of skin firmness
  • loss of face oval
  • mimic wrinkles
  • grey, badly moisturized, tired complexion
  • smoker’s complexion
  • swollen eye area
  • lymph stasis
  • excessive fatty tissue of the face – cheeks and chin

Effects of the treatment:

  • filling in grooves
  • skin firming
  • smoothing the skin of face and neckline
  • improvement of  facial contours
  • removing shades and bags under the eyes
  • rejuvenating
  • improvement of skin tone, oxygenating  , restoring  skin glow


  • The treatment does not require any special preparations and it can be performed all year.
  • To get the best results of  Endermolift  a series of 10 treatments at least 1 or 2 a week is recommended.
  • To optimize effects you are advised to follow home care treatments  series LPG which offers cosmetics  adjusted to all types of skin aging.
  • The treatment can be performed all year for sensitive skin, thin skin  and reactive.


Skin rejuvenation is the effect of  Endermolift LPG, non-invasive lifting which restores natural flexibility and glow and removing little wrinkles.