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Body - slimming | anti-cellulite


It is a therapeutic treatment which uses carbon dioxide by means of a special instrument Reology 2. CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas  which stimulates natural processes in human body, this is why it is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It is recommended to revitalize face, neck, neck line and bags under the eyes. It is the best method to rejuvenate skin, excessive fat tissue and  muscle weaknesses. Its therapeutic qualities are used in reumatology, dermatology, sports medicine, gynecology, plastic and aesthetic surgery and of course cosmetology because it works well with peripheral circulation, psoriasis skin lesions, sores and delayed healing process.

How does  treatment Reology 2 work?

Intradermal and subdermal controlled doses of carbon dioxide are injected . CO2 infuzion leads to increase of blood flow, oxygen and  nutrients to the target area.  Injetions result in  creating controlled inflammation which  stimulates production of collagen and elastine which makes the skin  dense and firm. Depending on the place and  depth of deposited gas, there are various processes in the tissue which give  different,intended results. Blood vessels are extended, blood flow grows as a result of applying Co2. Thanks to it, skin in cells is  well nourished, oxygenated and skin looks much better.

What’s more, fatty tissues are extremely sensitive to  Co2 injection, Carbon dioxide inserted into a fatty tissue turns into  carbon acid partially and it dissolves fatty cells. Higher blood supply cause higher lymphatic drainage in the target area, it improves metabolism and  fat secretion. As a result, the number of  fatty cells decreases and the figure is shaped.Skin cell regeneration and stimulation of synthesis of collagen  results in skin smoothing and removes the unaesthetic effect of orange peel.

Carboxytherapy of defattening and cellulite is an excellent alternative way to  invasive liposuction. No complications or nuisance arise. It can be applied both after and before liposuction to prepare the tissues to the treatments  to avoid adhesions.

Advantages of Reology 2

  • The treatment leaves no traces, this is why you are able to lead a normal life immediately after its performance.
  • It does not require anesthesia because the injections are painless. The only discomfortable feeling is   pressure and expansion when the gas is inserted.
  • The treatment is versatile, during one treatment many other problems are being solved.
  • Treatment Reology 2 is  completely risk free and being the only tool on the market, it contains addtional filters which purify gas inserted under the skin in 100 %.
  • Reology 2 has got a flow sensor which stops gas delivery when tissuses are blocked. The sensor protects tissues from being damaged and it is direted into the target area.

Who is this treatment for?

  • Cellulite
  • circulation disorder , lack of flexibility
  • sagging skin after pregnancy or loss of weight
  • overweight
  • slow metabolism
  • located fat tissue
  • swelling
  • stretch marks
  • after and before liposuction
  • Effects of the treatment:
  • Fatty tissue is reduced
  • cellulite is smoothed
  • Firmness and flexibility of whole body is restored
  • blood and  lymph cirulation is improved
  • metabolism is improved
  • stretchmarks are minimalized
  • skin is revitalized
  • body circumference is smaller
  • muscles are oxygenated

Plan of the treatment:

The treatment is apllied in a series of 10 in a week’s break

In order to strengthen the effects  you are advised to combine the treatment with other modelling treatments for example Endermology Alliance Accent XL . These should be chosen by a cosmetologist.

During the therapy you are advised to drink a big amount od liquids, about 2,5 litres of still mineral water and following light diet

Up to 2 days after the treatment, you are advised to avoid sauna, hot bath or physical activities