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Body - slimming | anti-cellulite

Mezotherapy cellucare

It is an aesthetic treatment. It includes inserting active substances to skin by means of injecting special product called Cellucare which is used in therapies fighting with all kinds of cellulite and eliminating excessive fatty tissues.

Cellucare is a perfect coctail which includes  hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing and firming effect

caffeine – ingredient which stimulates microcirculation

microelements-cobalt, manganese, zinc

microelements complex which has adstringent and anti bacterial properties and protects against free radicals

These are 3 key ingredients which reduce subcutaneous fat reverses and orange skin, and they also shape the figure.

How does it work?

The treatment includes multiple or linear injecting into area caused by cellulites or excessive fatty tissue. The application of patented formula Celluare in a few stages  smoothes skin and reduces cellulites .Caffeine which is inserted under the skin, stimalates microcirculation. It helps to  get rid of unsaturated fats from the body, and the hyaluronic acid which has moisturising properties, makes the skin smooth and soft.Cellucare  smoothens skin and crashes lymphomic cellulite successfully.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • It enhnaces natural rebuilding processes by micro injecting which stimulates physiological regenarative skin processes
  • Because of active substances, it has  revitalising qualities
  • The treatment is fast and painless  ( no anesthesia is required) and the effects are visible  after the first procedure

Who is it for?

  • All kinds of cellulite
  • Excessive fat tissue around arms, thighs and buttocks
  • sagging skin
  • exessive accumulation of water in the body

Results of the treatment:

  • improvement of density and skin firmness
  • decreased volume of abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks
  • skin smoothening
  • reduction od fatty tissue -cellulite
  • eliminating the effect of so called orange peel
  • improvement of microcirculation and drainage
  • stimulating cells and  strengthening skin


  • To achieve the best results you are advised to perform a series of 4- 6 treatments in 10-14 days breaks
  • It can be performed together with lymphatic drainage ( Endermology alliance) and or  carboxytherapy reology
  • After the treatment it is advised to drink a lot of water , about, 2,5 litres a day, and follow light diet