Face - cleansing

Manual back cleansing

Manual back cleasing is recommend to all prone to creation of blackheads, excessive,  sebaceous glands and dermatological diseases. This treatment can be performed periodically regardless of age and kind of skin.

How does it work?

It is a  care treatment which removes blackheads manually. Inflamations are cured faster. It gives smoothing effect and lightens the skin. During the treatment, impurities are removed, skin is clean, refreshed and smooth due to  nutritional components  included in preparations used which  penetrate deeply into the skin.

Who is it for?

  • epidermis containing visible  blackheads, enlarged pores lumps, impurities
  • dermatological treatment in healing acne
  • intensive sebaceous glands


  • removing dead skin cells,
  • unclogges pores and mouth of sebaceuos glands
  • removes blackheads
  • removes toxins from tissues
  • visible improvemnt of color and smothening the back
  • fast healing of inflammantions and lightening  acne discolorations


  • The treatment can be carried out all year long
  • you are advised to avoid much sun exposure two weeks after the treatment
  • the number of treatments is selected individually to each patient and depends on the problems and needs of the skin
  • the treatment of back cleansing is recommended to perform  usually  once  a month and should be connected with a treatment care planned by a cosmetologist