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PCA Oxygenating trio

The treatment oxygenating trio PCA SKIN is the best known inhibitor of free oxygen radicals our skin must fight with every day because of influence of external factors. It is an ideal detox and a step to prepare the face to further therapy. It gives optimum hydration,refreshing and it is effective to protect from skin aging.

How does it work?

The treatment consists of 3 crucial stages . The first aims at microcirculation improvement which enables further penetration of active components . The next step consists of detoxification , and it is a pleasant massage pleased with smell of extract of wild cherry’s bark. During the last stage,skin is oxygenated  due to  increased oxygen penetration in its structure.

Advantages of the  treatment:

This treatment gives the skin illuminating radiance and moisturizing. It could be a lunch treatment. It works well when your skin does not require special therapy but needs a bit of relaxation and refreshment.

Who is it for?

  • skin with thickened cuticules that needs refreshing
  • uneven skin tone
  • grey  skin
  • loss of moisture
  • everyday exposure to  unfavourable external conditions ( excessive UV exposure, atmospheric impurities, lack of oxygen)

Effects of the treatment:

  • skin tone improvement
  • noticeable moisture
  • face illumination
  • better flexibility

How to plan  the treatment oxygenationg trio ?

  • The treatment can be performed regardless of the season of the year
  • it does not require recovery period , we can do everyday activities immediately after.
  • to get the best long term effects, the number of treatments needed is selected by the cosmetologist ( usually a series of 4-5 treatments)
  • it can be a lunch treatment
  • it can be a nice regenerative treatment after sunny holidays
  • to get the best results you are advised to follow hom care treatment selected by the cosmetologist