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Orange Peel Smoothing Complex 150ml – complex anti cellulite cream, accelerates process of fatty tissue reduction and smoothes cellulite 242 PLN
Detox Draining Serum 150ml – draining and detoxifying body serum, accelerates the process of fatty tissue reduction, elliminates excess water in the body, smoothes the skin and streamlines legs 252 PLN
Body Shaping Gel 150ml – gel modelling body contours, charaterized by active chronobiological features, specializes in burning fatty tissue ( day/night), shapes and slims the body. 205 PLN
Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream 150ml – illuminating body cream, evens skin surface. It nourishes the skin by means of active micropeeling, reduces and protects from body stretches, makes the skin flexible 252 PLN
Firming Contour Fluid 150ml – firms and models the body, immediate lifting and astringent effect, restores firm body contours. 252 PLN
Light Legs Mist 200ml – light mist for legs, it strengthens, enhances micro circulation, reduces swelling, ideal during heat, recommended for pregnant women 139 PLN
Relaxing Shaping DryOil 150ml – relaxing, dry oil improving the body shape, accelerates fat burning during night and day, stimulates microcirculation, relaxes and restores well being 199 PLN