Scalp hair loss

Mezotherapy of the scalp Hair Care

Preparation Hair Care is one of the few   products awarded a certificate  class III  for skin injection available on the market. It ensures safety and brings visible effects. Thanks to natural contents of high concentration, hair’s structure is improved, sebum secretion is regulated, root bulb is strengthened and biological skin balance is restored

How does it work?

Mesotherapy involves superficial injections of the scalp and supplying a preparation into  superficial layers of dermis.

The preparation includes:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamins from group B
  • glycine
  • cysteine
  • arginine
  • zinc
  • other elements

Because of them, mezotherapy guarantess right course of biological processes at each stage of growth and life of hair, normalizes scalp’s functions, eliminates hyperdrying and oiliness of hair and also deeply nourishes.

Benefits of the treatment:

  • the treatment is safe, the formula contains natural ingredients and vitamines
  • the treatment improves hair conditions and also treats dandruff problems and prevents its symptoms
  • it doesn’ t cause side effects, but immediately after the treatment there can be some spots or marks in the place of applying the products, or some itchiness. These inconveniences disappear within 24 hours after the treatment
  • whole treatment takes 30 minutes, it is painless and does not require any anasthetic


  • hair falling out caused by different reasons ; after child birth, stress, androgetenic alopecia
  • alopecia aretea
  • weak, damaged, thin hair
  • seborrhea
  • dandruff


  • stimulation of hair follicle arginine, glutamine, glycine and ornitine is necessary  for cell growth. When the nutritional ingredients are applied  at thecapillar level ( the smallest blood vessels) epidermis strengthens hair’s root which makes lush growth
  • strengthening and protection of capillar fibres
  • cysteine and zinc -2 main ingredients of creatinine making capillar fibre cause beautiful, strong  hair to grow
  • growth stimulation
  • vitamins from group B renew follicle and stimulate the growth
  • reducing the effects of hair loss
  • hair caire is important in synthesis of  essential nonsaturated  fat acids which nourish tissues near the hair follicles and prevent against its dryiness which stops new dandruff


  • The treatment is performed in a series od 6-8  every week or every 2 weeks. It is advised to perform the first 4 treatments more often, for example twice a week
  • The treatment can be combined with other treatments for the scalp for example carboxytherapy
  • After the treatment you must avoid sauna, solarium and intensive exercises