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Body - slimming | anti-cellulite

Termogenique body shape extreme

Termodenique body shape extreme it is a treatment which shapes and makes your body slimmer. It is a real  breakthrough in modelling treatments. It not only makes your body slimmer, but also firms, fights with cellulite and removes toxins.

The treatemnet consists of few stages: You can see the results after the first treatment, it is possible to lose even few centimeters in circut . Your figure gets attractive,nice shape.

How does this slimming treatment work?

Termodenique – is a thermogenic, warming treatment. It consists of using preparations which include innovative active ingredients which rises the temperature in the target area. It fastens the fat burning  and accelerates metabolism in cells. It is the method  for those who want to see the effects fast. To get the best results, you are advised to combine slimming treatments with special diet and increase in physical activities.

Stages of the treatment:

Step 1 : interview, measuring the body

The patient is interviewed carefully before the first treatment to make sure side effects do not occur. Next, a patient is measured thoroughly by means of a centimeter in all sensitive body parts. Measured points are marked by a special pen, and the data is noted down.

Step 2: introductory, peeling  massage

A small amount of selected peeling is put on the skin .  Peeling massage is performed in accordance with treatment  procedure and the focus is put on places with excessive fatty tissue. Finally, the peeling is washed off in the shower.

Step 3: active, thermogenic action

an ampoule  v slim prof. is put on the target area. It is coctail that reduces fatty tissue and it causes fatty cells degradation, and it shapes the body. The content of the ampule is massaged thoroughly into the body Next, termoactive, anti cellulite gel is put in the same parts of the body. It smoothes and shapes the body.

Step 4: thermogenic strengthening and detox

Body wrapping is performed on target body parts for 25-35  minutes (the body is thoroughly wrapped). Feeling of intensive warm, heat, hyperaemia of the skin – these are the right feelings.

Step 5: firm, thermogen massage

When the thermogenic colon is removed, a  special draininig, lifting massage is performed. The message should guarantee the best effects.

Step 6: final measures

the final measures are performed in the same places as the initial ones. It is possible to compare both measurements and  examine the effects.

Effects of the treatment:

  • firmed skin
  • puryfing the body from toxins
  • removing swelling and standstills
  • drain away excessive water
  • fatty tissue reduction
  • loss of centimeters in your body
  • exfoliated skin tone

Who is it for?

  • Cellulite, loss of firmness
  • excessive fatty tissue
  • contraindications of performing the treatment
  • pregnancy, breast feeding
  • first days of menstruation
  • hypertension , heart disease
  • some diseases; for example liver disorders
  • irritated skin, sores and wounds in the target body part
  • skin inflammations

Recommendation after the treatment;

  • you are recommended to drink a lot of water starting on the day of the  treatment and following till a few days after
  • you are not allowed to have a bath 5 hours after the treatment
  • you are recommended not to use sauna or  solarium at least 3 days after the treatment
  • on the day of the treatment, and a few days after, you are advised to light sport activities, for example 20 minutes walking
  • after the treatment you are likely to sweat and urine more

How many treatments do you need?

  • Immediate, visible effects are to be seen after the first treatment
  • to get the best results, you are advised to perform at least 3 treatments in 1- 2 weeks breaks ( optimal series is 3 treatments)