Laser hair removal

ET diode laser

ET diode laser

It is highly efficient and safe laser to remove redundant hair. Melanine is heated. Hair follicles produce heat.It emits specific band during the process of removal.Hair follicles absorb the high temperature and the structure of the hair follicle is destroyed.

Selectivity is an important part of the process. Waves influence the hair, not the surrounding tissue. If  the hair removal  by ET laser diode is performed correctly, the unawanted hair is removed permamently.

How does it work?

Photodepilation by laser ET uses light energy made by laser system and transformed into heat to remove hair gradually and permamently, up to hair follicle in different parts of body and face.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • this machine is equipted with a special cooling system of given areas which eliminates pain
  • the laser can be used to remove hair in all parts of the body on:
  •   skin face: moustache, sideburns, beard
  • body :chest, nipples area, back
  • abdomen, bikini, buttocks, intimate areas
  • skin leg- thigh, calf
  • shoulders, foreshoulders, palms

Who is it for?

  • Growing hair
  • too much redundant hair

Effects after the treatment:

After the whole process of depilation, skin is smooth. The darkr hair, the better visible effects

Planning the treatment:

After the treatment of depilation, you must be well prepared.

Before the treatment:

  • The most serious contraindication is pregnancy, breastfeeding,, tanned skin ( sun, solarium, tanning spray ) white hair, vitiligo, diabetes, psoriasis
  • Before the treatment you must shave hair in the place of depilation, but you are advised to leave few to estimate the color and density
  • You are not allowed to pull out the hair by means of tweezers and wax, mechanical epilator during four weeks before the treatment
  • It is best not to use creams and ointments with vitamine A, retinoids, creams with vitamine C and fruit acids in the place of the treatment for 3 weeks before
  • 6 months before the treatment yo must not applt therapy by retoinoids e.g. Roatucane
  • 3 months befor the treatment you must stop using medicine and herbs sensitive to sunlight e,g, feverfew, marigold,horsetail,nettle
  • you must not apply the treatment in case of active skin inflammations
  • You are advised to perform 6 to 8 laser depilations in  4 – 6  weeks breaks

After the treatment:

  • You are advised to use creams SPF 30 and resign from sunbathing
  • After the treatment you must take care of the skin, use non aggressive preparations.The moment after the treatment you are advised not to use  perfumes or antiperspirants