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Body - slimming | anti-cellulite

Endermology LPG Alliance

After 30 years of research the compamy LPG managed to release a revolutional method called Endermology Alliance which is the only non invasive mechanical stimulation of cell metabolism.

Alliance is one of the most popular body treatments. It is appreciated because of  its effects of solving such problems like excessive fatty tissue, cellulite or lack of firmness.

A new patent is the technology of non invasive tissue stimulation giving  the client maximum feeling of comfort. It  reminds of a delicate vacuum massage  while it is really gentle for the skin.Modern technology, handpiece’s precision, rollers’ negative pressure and a special computer programme adjusted to the patient’s skin, enables intensive, tripled  effects.

Endermology alliance is known for therapeutic programms which make its service more  widespread because of dealing with scars, lymphatic swelling for example after mastercomy, eyelid surgery blepharoplasty as well as other programs of sportsmen’s revitalization.

LPG endermology is the first method of treating  cellulite and excessive fatty issue which is approved by FDA certificate ( an American agency of food and medicine)

How does it work?

We start with an  interview. The cosmetologist diagnoses the client’s  needs  and tries to deal with the client’s expectations.

A patient must put on a special suit called endermowear which makes  rolls slip more easily. The cosmetologist moves the instrument on the patient’s body. The massage is carried out by means of a handpiece which consists of two moving rolls  and a  sucking part.

Because of pressure a skin fold  is dragged between the rollers. During this process, skin looks like a wave which enables the skin to be rolled both inside and outside by means of electronically monitored rollers. The rollers move inside the handpiece  not only by the orbital movement but also according to one another, in accordance with tissue condition and intensivity of a chosen treatment. In  this way, skin is pushed hard in all directions. This process stimulates metabolism, circulation and stimulation of regenariting processes. Muscles are stimulated and fatty cells are destroyed without stretching the skin.

My  means of draining movements, fat and toxins are removed from the body, and the skin starts to produce collagen and elastine, which gives firming effect.


  • it  does not cause any pain, the massage is nice, relaxing and pleasing
  • you do not need recovery
  • it is non invasive
  • you can start daily activities immediately after the treatment
  • The treatment is safe and natural, it has the certificate of FDA
  • Effects are visible after the third procedure
  • Recommended for:
  • cellulite
  • flabby skin
  • overweight
  • too much amount of fatty tissue
  • swelling
  • Disorder of circulation of lymph and  blood
  • too  big amonut of toxins in the body
  • muscle tension


  • Faster metabolism
  • shaping the body
  • cellulit reduction
  • improves skin firmness
  • gets rid of toxins in the body
  • stimulation of vascularity
  • skin revitalization
  • improves blood and lymph stimulation

Plan of the treatment

  • it takes about 40 minutes
  • to get the best results you are advised 10 treatments twice a week
  • to keep the effects of the therapy you are advised to continue once a month
  • during this therapy it is advisable to use cosmetics chosen by the cosmetologist which make better effects of the treatment
  • It is advised to have a meal two hours before and one hour after the treatment
  • You are advised to drink about 2,5 litres of still mineral water