Face - cleansing

Purifying DPD

Treatment DDP ‘s aim is to restore the balance by regulating production and sebum secretion. It is a purifying treatment which tightens outlet of  sebaceous glands and eliminates imperfections.

How does it work?

It is a purifying treatment. During the treatment a proper amount of product is put on skin in proper order which regulates sebaceous glands and apropriate skin  hydration. It is accompanied by a pleasant massage. The last step is  a green clay based mask.

Advantages of the treatment:

Skin imperfections are reduced, skin color is improved, and the most important-

sebum secretion is regulated.

Who is it for?

  • from mixed to oily complexion
  • extended sebaceous glands
  • skin imperfections: blackheads, patches
  • disrupted skin balance ( shiny face, uneven skin color traces of  make-up)

Effects of the treatment

  • skin is purified
  • sebaceous glands are smaller
  • hydro-lipid barrier is restored
  • sebum secretion is regulated

Planning the purifying treatment:

  • The treatment can be performed in any time of the year
  • It doesn’t require recovery , so you can start everyday activities straight after it
  • To get the best,optimal results, the number of treatments in a series is selected by the cosmetologist, usually 3-4 treatments every week
  • To strengthen the results you are advised to follow specially selected home care