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Mezotherapy cytocare 532

How does it work?

Needle mezotherapy consists of intradermal or subcutaneous administration of a preparation selected according to the needs. Because of that, active substances can be implemented deeply into the skin avoiding epidermal barrier. This method has a positive influence on skin’s reconstruction, and carefully selected preparation allow to overcome imperfections.


Preparation cytocare 532  contains hyaluronic acid  which has low molecular weight. It intensively moisturizes and guarantees  correct course of biological processes anti oxidant effect is due to putrescine. The skin recovers natural glow and flexibility.


Who is it for?

  • dehydrated, dry complexion
  • skin with first symptoms of aging
  • crows feet
  • prevention of skin aging


  • deep hydration
  • intensive skin biorevitalization
  • shine and glow
  • smoothing little wrinkles
  • improving skin firmness and  tension

How to plan?

  • the treatment can be performed  regardless of the season
  • after the treatment skin needs 24 hour to heal
  • to get the best, long term effects the number of treatments is selected by the cosmetologist -usually 4  treatments in 2 weeks
  • to strengthen the effects you are advised to follow a  special homecare
  • you are advised to perform similar treatments  3 months after the last treatment
  • during the treatment you are advised to use cosmetics with photo protection no lower than 30 SPF

Mesotherapy for discoloration Hyalual H&S

Needle mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections subcutaneously or intradermally supplying   a preparation for indication. Active substances are introduced into the skin omitting epidermal tissue. Injecting the skin  is positive for its restrucurizing, and special preparation fight with its imperfections.

Advantages of the treatment:

Hyalual  H &S is a treatment of needle mesotherapy based on non crosslinked hyaluronic and succinic acid . It is ideal for  sensitive skin with redness. It works well to  lighten the pigmentation and even out the skin tone.

Indications for the treatment :

  • impaired  dermal microcirculation
  • dry atopic skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • pigmentation
  • excessive sensitivity
  • rosacea

Effects of the treatment:

  • restores water balance within skin
  • regenerates tissue after invasive procedures
  • promotes lymphatic drainage
  • improves texture and skin tone
  • lightens discoloration


  • the treatemnt can be performed regardless of the season of the year
  • after the treatment the skin needs 24 hours to heal
  • to get the long term effects the cosmetologist selects the number of treatments, usually at least 3 treatments every 2 weeks
  • to get the best results you are advised to follow a home care