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PCA detoxyfying pore treatment

It is a professional treatment for oily skin with blackheads , extended pores and excessive sebum secretion. Unique combination of acids  and other active ingredients make a perfect and efficient formula.

  • Extract from bark of African tree and olealonic acid – reduce excessive secretion of sebum by decreasing the amount of sybocytes building sebaceous glands, tighten  enlarged pores and visibly reduce skin glow.
  • Hexylresorcinol and linolenate of ethyl ( fatty acid ester, fatty vitamine F) inhibit enzyme 5 reductase and they regulate sebum secretion in this way, reduce  creation of blackheads and prevent against post -inflammatory discoloration.
  • Glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid  gently stimulate exfoliation of epidermis by gradual release of nutrients

How does it work?

The first step is make up removal and defattening of skin by a  special brush, next , a small portion of the product is put on the target area  concetrating on areas  blackheads . Then, using  gloved hands, the product is  gently massaged into the skin for approximately three to five minutes. In case of need, you can add another portion on the area of treatment and let it stay on the skin for about four to six hours.

If the skin has more impurities, you can apply this step before manual cleansing.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • the treatment is safe and fast, the skin doesn’t exfoliate and doesn’t require recovery
  • the effects are visible after the first treatment
  • it can be combined with other  PCA SKIN treatments

Who is this treatment for?

  • seborrehic skin
  • blackhead rosacea        
  • grey complexion     
  • skin full of impurities

Effects of the treatment:

  • reduction of sebum secretion  and skin glow
  • tightening and puryfying outlet of sebaceous glands
  • detoxification of skin cells
  • making skin smoother and  brighter

Planning the treatment:

  • detoxifying pore treatment can be applied in one or two weeks breaks to get long lasting effects of the treatment
  • the effects of the product can be strengthened by applying Pore Minimizer Skin Mattifying  Gel which guarantess extended detoxification of cells, tightening outlets of sebaceous glands and the skin regains radiance and healthy look