Face - dry skin

Hydra DDP

Treatment hydra serves rehydrating dry  and dewatered skin and helps the skin to be constantly moisturized. It improves  hydro-lipid barrier which makes a nice feeling of comfort.

Ceramids assist repair process of the dry tissue.  It is perfect for atopic skin as well as for psoriasis.

How does it work?

Hydra is a skin care treatment. It is based on putting on the skin  a given amounts of products which aim at moisturizing dry skin and slowing down aging processes. A relaxing ,moisturizing massage goes along with this treatment. The final step is mask with  hyaluronic acid.

Good sides of the treatment:

It restores softness, hydration and flexibility. The skin is     bright   and fresh. It can be the first step of other  technological therapies.

Who is it for?

  • dry, dewatered skin
  • feeling of tension and dicomfort
  • tiny wrinkles
  • skin with hydro-lipid disorders


  • skin is hydrated
  • skin is bright
  • hydro- lipid barrier is restored
  • tiny wrinkles are smoothed
  • Planning of the treatment:
  • it can be performed in all seasons of the year
  • you do not need  any recovery, you can carry out your usual duties immediately
  • to make it more effective, it is advised to perform a series of about 3, 4 treatments every week
  • to make it more effective , a patient is advisd to go on home care treatments


Procedure of skin recovery after first symptoms of aging, or problems such as acne or scars.Skin is restored and it is bright again and its structure is definitely improved.

The treatment is divided into 3 sets.

Freshup – it is preliminary treatment which consists of 2 treatments and  prepares the skin for furher procedures

Proage – 4 anti aging treatments that involve glycolid and phenolic acid and gluconolactone.

Skin refine 4 treatments against imperfection based on azelaic acid.almonds and vitamine PP

Each treatment is about 30 minutes long. Products such as   peeling , serum , finishing mask  are put on skin. (depending on a chosen set)

Pros of the treatment:

Resurface treatments enable personalized therapy. They are characterized by  delicacy and aimed response to a certain problem.

Indicted for:

  • resurface fresh up  -loss of radiance, uneven complexion, treatment preparing for further procedure
  • resurface pro age -fighting against wrinles and other symptoms of aging
  • resurface skin refine- skin discolor, after acne scars, uneven skin texture

Results and effects of the treatment:

  • pro age
  • decreasing of skin discolor
  • increasing brightness
  • wrinkles reduction
  • increasing skin density
  • Skin Refine
  • leads to regulation of sebum secretion
  • increasing brightness
  • scar reduction
  • improves skin texture

Plan of the treatment:

  • Photoprotection is required in this treatment ( factor not lower than 30 SPF) during and after the therapy
  • it does not require recovery, you are allowed to perform everyday duties immediately after the treatment
  • the amount of treatments in one series is 6 ( 2 Fresh up treatments preparing  and 4 treatments form a chosen set)
  • In order to strengthen the effects of the treatment you are advised to apply an advised home care therapy