Face - exfoliation | skin renewal | discoloration


Usuwanie piegów i przebarwień laserem, na twarzy Kraków

It is non ablative fractional laser designed to remove and reduce superficial skin imperfections, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and discolorations.

How does it work?

The treatment which uses laser emerge, caused deep skin’s regeneration. After the skin is disinfected, the handpiece is put to selected place. The laser does resurfacing which is effective exfoliating by use of energy from amicro beams of light with the length of 1410nm which are felt as hot needles making holes in the epidermis. It leads to controlled  damage of skin cells which release defending reaction. In the long term, skin is rebuilt and a new, healthy and firm tissue is created.

Energy from laser causes heating the collagen fibres and as a result they are shrunk and tense. The skin firmness and tension gets bigger.

After the treatment it is possible to put a regenerative mask which decreases swelling and redness.


  • The treatment by the laser emerge is a great way of firming and smoothing skin face
  • It can be performed on all face, and also on so called critical parts, eyes area, laughter furrow and mouth area.
  • You do not need any revocery after the treatment ,so you can return to everyday duties the next day . Little scabs might be visible after the treatment, but they can be covered by make up, and after few days  they are exfoliated.
  • In the long run, the treatment leads to skin’s reconstruction and visible firmness.

Who is it for?

  • wrinkles, and other changes of the skin caused by aging
  • lack of skin firmness
  • loss of face oval of skin face
  • uneven skin texture
  • scars and skin damages
  • extending sebaceous glands outlet
  • depigmentation changes uneven skin tone


  • rejuvenating of skin by means of  resurfacing-controlled exfoliating
  • wrinkles reduction
  • improvement of firmness and skin density
  • decreasing and removing after acne scars
  • equilizing  skin tone
  • lightening of discoloration
  • smoothing and skin regenaration


  • This treatment is best to perform in autumn and winter  when there is little sunshine
  • the treatment is performed in series of 3 treatments or more, depending on skin’s needs.
  • It doesn’t require recovery process.
  • After the treatment you are advised to use  sunscreens at leats 30 SPF and  moisturizing creams recommended by the cosmetologist managing the emerge therapy.
  • Before the treatment you have to familiarize with contraindications of the treatment