Price list

Accordion Content
Cosmetologic consultation without a treatment 150 – 200 zł
Acid cleansing Detox PCA 280 zł
Manual face cleansing 280 zł
Manual back cleansing 280 zł
Face massage 100 zł
Additional cleansing during the treatment 75 zł
Basic care treatment 275 zł
Algae mask 75 zł
Waxing before the treatment moustache 40 zł
Waxing before the treatment beard 50 zł
Waxing before the treatment face 100 zł


Face750 zł
A series of 3 Zaffiro treatments for face + Hydra Diego Dalla Palma as a present2250 zł
(the value of the moisturizing
Hydra treatment 250zł)
Face + neck1100 zł
Face + neck + decollete1300 zł
All face + mask for free ( about 250 imp)1000 zł
T zone ( about 125 imp)500 zł
Eyes area (75 imp)300 zł
Cheeks ( 100 imp)400 zł
Face oval (75 imp) 300 zł
Mouth area ( 60 imp)250 zł
Forehead ( 85 imp)350 zł
1 treatment200 zł
5 treatments750 zł
Eyes 1 treatment150 zł
Eyes 5 treatments600 zł
Alma Accent RF 
Face oval300 zł
Whole face – slimming400 zł
Whole face – firming500 zł
Whole face firming + slimming600 zł
A series of 4 treatments slimming1400 zł
A series of 4 treatments firming1800 zł
A series of 4 treatmnts slimming + firming2200 zł
A series of 6 treatments slimming1800 zł
A series of 6 treatments firming2400 zł
A series of 6 treatments slimming + firming3000 zł
Endermolift Alliance 
1 treatment180 zł
10 treatments1500 zł
Preparation for care treatment 10 min endermolift80 zł
Preparation for care treatment 15 min illuminating100 zł
Endermolift GOLD (collagen mask + eye cream + serum +cream)280 zł
Treatment stimulating skin face (acid procedure LPG + endermolift + collagen mask)320 zł
Treatment stimulating skin of face, neck and decolette (acid procedure LPG + endermolift + collagen mask)420 zł
Perfect eyes and mouth270 zł
Cell regeneration (acid procedure LPG + endermolift + collagen mask + hand treatment LPG)2400 zł
A series of 4 treatments of cell regeneration1800 zł
Needle mesotherapy480 zł
Intraceuticall scoursepack + home care 2880 zł
Intraceuticalls Rejuvenate  
Face, neck, decolette480 zł
A series of 6 treatments + home care2880 zł
Needle mesotherapy 
Face490 – 600 zł
Eyes area290 – 350 zł
Neck300 – 450 zł
Decolette350 – 500 zł
Face + neck700 – 900 zł
Face + neck + decolette900 – 1200 zł
Scalp450 – 500 zł
Diego Dalla Palma Care Treatments 
Hydra275 zł
Sensitive275 zł
Purifying320 zł
Icon Time 40+365 zł
Resurface Freshup220 zł
Resurface Pro Age DDP290 zł
Resurface Skin Refine290 zł
Whitelight illuminating320 zł
Whitelight with vit C350 zł
Youth Venom380 zł
Skin Map350 zł
Mary Cohr Care Treatments 
Catiovital300 – 350 zł
Catiolift300 – 350 zł
Dermo Peeling320 zł
Eye Lifting250 zł
Age Repair250 zł
PCA SKIN therapeutic treatments  
PCA Oxygenating trio280 zł
PCA Oxygenating trio + 1 mask300 zł
PCA Oxygenating trio + 2 masks320 zł
PCA acid cleansing Detox280 zł
PCA Detox (for treatment)100 zł
PCA Sensipeel280 zł
PCA Ultra Peel280 zł
Retinol Peeling 4% or 6 %320 zł
Retinol Advance 10,5 % peeling (for treatment)100 zł
Acid procedures 
Chemical peeling200 zł
Purle chemical peeling 2 acids250 zł
Purle ferulic acid with vit C + mask285 zł


Belly1000 zł
Thighs (inside)800 – 1400 zł
Legs (over knees)600 zł
Shoulders700 zł
Buttocks800 zł
Hands550 zł
Decolette700 zł
Breast800 zł
the price of the treatment depends on the scar’s areafrom 150 zł
1 procedure250 zł
5 procedures1000 zł
10 procedures1600 zł
Endermology LPG Alliance
1 treatment290 zł
Outfit for endermology80 zł
Booster treatment270 zł
Treatment 60 min390 zł
A set of 5 procedures1300 zł
A set of 10 procedures2500 zł
A set of 15 procedure3500 zł
Treatment 10 min Focus100 zł
A set of 10 drainage procedure2000 zł
Medical treatment120 zł
Procedure Body Shaping LPG400 zł
In set for endermology care treatment LPG100 zł
Alma Accent RF 
Firming or slimming (a small body area)350 zł
Firming or slimming (a big body area)450 zł
A set of 4 procedures for firming or slimming (a small body area)1280 zł
A set of 4 procedures for firming or slimming (a big body area)1680 zł
A set of 6 procedures for firming or slimming (a small body area)1800 zł
A set of 6 procedures for firming or slimming (a big body area)2400 zł
Slimming + firming (a small body area)400 zł
Slimming + firming (a big body area)500 zł
A set of 4 procedures slimming and firming ( a small area)1400 zł
A set of 4 procedures slimming and firming (a big area)1800 zł
A set of 6 procedures slimming and firming (a small area)1920 zł
A set of procedures slimming and firming (a big area)2520 zł
One set of 5 procedures400 zł
One set of 8 procedures2600 zł
Injection lipolysis 
1 ampoule1750 zł
2 ampoules700 zł
Needle mesotherapy for bodyfrom 1200 zł
Mesotherapy Hair Care
1 procedure450 zł
5 procedures2000 zł
Mesotherapy dr Cyj2880 zł
1 procedure750 zł
4 procedures2800 zł (including 4 carboxytherapies for hair)
Needle mesotherapy with caffeine 
1 ampoule500 zł
2 ampoules800 zł

Care treatments for body

Body Bioenergy DETOX – time: 90 min250 zł
Therma active sculpting bandage Body Bioenergy – time:30 minPrice for endermology body treatment – 150 zł
Body Bioenergy CELLDREN – time: 90 min320 zł
Body Bioenergy CELLRESHAPE – time: 90 min320 zł
Body Bioenergy TOTAL BODY FOCUS – time: 90 min280 zł
Body Bioenergy TONEUP – time: 90 min300 zł
Thermogenic slimming treatment320 zł
Peeling of whole body150 zł

Body rituals

Ego Ritual300 zł
Tranquillity Comfort Zone Ritual 300 zł
Part of the bodyPriceA set of 4 proceduresA set of 6 procedures
Upper lip100 zł340 zł480 zł
Chin150 zł – 230 zł510 – 780 zł720 zł – 1104 zł
Neck150 zł – 250 zł510 – 850 zł720 zł – 1200 zł
Face400 zł1360 zł1920 zł
Sideburns150 zł510 zł720 zł
Cheeks200 zł680 zł960 zł
Bikini line200 zł – 300 zł680 zł – 1020 zł960 zł – 1440 zł
Full bikini350 zł – 450 zł1200 zł – 1540 zł1680 zł – 2160 zł
Buttocks all300 zł1020 zł1440 zł
Buttocks – a part150 zł510 zł720 zł
Thighs300 zł – 350zł1020 zł – 1200 zł1440 zł – 1680 zł
Calves300 zł – 350zł1020 zł – 1200 zł1440 zł – 1680 zł
Legs – all650 zł2220 zł3120 zł
Armpits150 zł – 200 zł510 zł – 680 zł720 zł – 960 zł
Shoulders200 zł – 250 zł680 zł – 850 zł960 zł – 1200 zł
Foreshoulders200 zł – 250 zł680 – 850 zł960 zł – 1200 zł
Chest, torso250 zł – 350 zł850 zł – 1200 zł1200 zł – 1680 zł
Nipples150 zł510 zł720 zł
Belly300 zł1020 zł1440 zł
Belly line100 zł340 zł480 zł
Torso + belly550 zł1880 zł2640 zł
Neck200 zł zł680 zł960 zł
Back300 – 600 zł1020 zł – 2040 zł1440 zł – 2880 zł
Hands100 – 200 zł340 zł – 680 zł480 zł – 720 zł
  • Buy 3 sets or more during one visit –and get a 15%discount for a full set e.g. armpits, bikini, calves , instead of 700 zł you will pay 595 zł.
  • Anaesthesia for a treatment -additional fee 50 zł
  • Shaving before a treatment – 50 zł
Cosmetic pedicue100 zł
Pedicure with a conditioner110 zł
Pedicure with a smooth painting120 zł
Japanese pedicure150 zł
Hybrid pedicure150 zł
Medical pedicure100 zł
Henna set for a treatment80 zł
Henna of eyebrows and eyelashes for a treatment45 zł
Henna – set100 zł
Lifting i laminating of eyelashes169 zł
Eyebrows’ styling with adjusting care product DDP50 zł
Daily make up100 zł
Evening make up175 zł
Wedding experimental make up200 zł
Wedding make up250 zł
Eyebrows900 zł
Eyebrows first correction200 zł
Eyebrows – correction after 1-2 years590 zł
Eyebrows – correction after 2-3 years770 zł
Upper lines500 zł
Upper lines first correction200 zł
Upper lines correction after 1-2 years350 zł
Upper lines correction after 2-3 years450 zł
Lower lines400 zł
Lower lines – first correction200 zł
Lower lines correction after 1-2 years300 zł
Lower lines correction after 2-3 years350 zł