Foot care



It is a cosmetic but also medical treatment. During this treatment whole feet and nails  are treated . This treatment not only cares feet but also brings positive effects while walking. The podiatrist uses special instruments such as milling machine or file, diagnoses problems and tries to restore comfort, relief and  aesthetic feet. The final step in this treatment is peeling and application cream for feet care.

There are 2 kinds of treatments:

Care and conditioning treatment-designed for patients who have not got a lot of problems with keratoses. This treatment deals with whole sole of the foot and nails and brings back foot aesthetic. Women usually end up with having  toenail painted. Men are advised to have the toes polished and matt conditioner applied.

Medical treatment- that is a treatment for people suffering from excessive  keratoses, painful calluses, prints, cracked heels, ingrown toenails. During this treatment, all kinds of keratoses are removed. In case of ingrown toenails, tamponade is performed., pain is removed and walking comfort is improved.

Advantages od pedicure in EGO:

  • carefully sterilised  tools, we posses our own steriliser
  • disposable files and other disposable helpful instruments
  • the treatment is performed by a specialist podatrist
  • we use cosmetics from  reputable company such as Diego dalla Palma Mary Cohr Gewhwol

Who is the treatment for?

  • For all willing to improve comfort and foot condition
  • for everyone who has problems with  prints, caluses, helosis and thickening skin
  • for people who have problems with nail files and ingrown toenails
  • it works as a cosmetic and relaxing treatment of your feet

What effects can  you expect?

  • A proper shape of toe nail and correction of   course of fingernail growth
  • cuticles round the nails are well looked after
  • removing prints and  pachyonypcha adjusted to individual patient’ s needs
  • improvement of comfort while walking
  • well nourished and velvet like skin
  • home care recommedation

How often to perform? Planning

  • You are advised to perform cosmetic pedicure once a month
  • Medical treatment is performed according to  podiatrist’s recommendation