Face - cleansing

Catiovital MC

It is a cosmetic treatment of neck, neck line and face, which uses instrument and technology of double ionization thanks to which active substances are injected into deep laayers of the  skin. There are 7 possible versions of the treatment and they are possible to adjust to all kinds of skin. It is ideal as a treatment before a big day.

How does it work?

Catiovital treatment is a cosmetic treatment conducted in 3 stages. The first one is deep cleansing with the help of mini sauna and detoxing serum. The next one is a massage by electrodes with dual ionization using matched serum. The third one is a soothing massage using special essential oils to massage. Cream, care  mask is the last step.

Advantages of the treatment

It is a treatment for all symptoms of skin aging at the epidermis and dermis level. It combines modern technology with revitilizing massage. It is available in 7 versions which makes the theraphy  fully individual.

Who is it for?

  • grey, smoky, dehydrated skin
  • at first symptoms of aging
  • before and after sun exposure
  • skin needed nourishing

Effects after the treatment

  • brighter, radiant skin
  • cleansing and detox
  • improving skin hydration and flexibilty
  • smoothing little mimic lines


  • in a series you are advised to take part in 3 meetings in equal time breaks -set after a cosmetic consultation
  • that is an all year long treatment, ideal as revitalization after sunny holidays , it can be combined with therapies for acne complexion