Face - rejuvenation

Age Repair MC

It is a brightening and anti aging treatment with vitamin C which fights with wrinkles, facial furrows, lack of face glow, uneven skin tone and  firmness disorder. The treatment has been developed in single, precise doses individually to get optimal efficiency of active ingredients.

How does it work?

Age repair is a cosmetic treatment, it consists of putting on skin  in a given order  5 treatment steps. It is distinguished by an active, revitilizing  massage designed especially by  Mary Cohr . The treatment is finished by a brightening and lifting  fiber.mask.

Advantages of the treatment:

it is a treatment for all symptoms of  skin aging  on epidermis and dermis. A modern technology of active ingredients  is combined with manual  techniques of revitilizing massage.

Who is it for?

  • skin with aging symptoms ( wrinkles, little discoloration)
  • loss of firmness and skin oval
  • skin demanding density and improvement of firmness
  • dehydration and roughness of the skin
  • grey, smoky skin


  • bright, radiant complexion
  • moisture and flexibility improvement
  • smoothing  little  wrinkles and improvement of face oval
  • visible improvement of skin density and strenthening its structure

Frequency, planning:

  • in one series you are advised to attend 3 meetings in various time breaks -set after cosmetic interview.
  • The treatment can be performed all year. It turns out to be efficient as a   series of treatments but also as a single treatment for example before a party-banquet procedure.