Valid from May 18, 2020 until further notice


  1. You can arrange treatments only by phone 508 029 577, e-mail, or via the system. The living room will be closed to outsiders. Only pre-arranged persons will be admitted there.

  2. People who sign up by e-mail or the system will receive a phone call from the reception desk for an epidemiological interview the day before the visit.

  3. There is a 15-minute break between clients (time for thorough disinfection, airing the room c)

  4. The patient comes to the office wearing a mask, no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the planned visit (time to complete the documentation and epidemiological survey)

  5. The client comes to the office alone, without accompanying persons (except for minors or disabled people requiring the help of a guardian)

  6. The client is obliged to disinfect his hands immediately after entering the office

  7. At the entrance there is a non-contact measurement of body temperature – if 37.4 or more – the visit does not take place (measurement at the level of the carotid artery)

  8. Before each visit, the client receives an epidemiological questionnaire, a completed and signed questionnaire is attached to the documentation – in the event of responses indicating the risk of infection, the visit does not take place, and in the event of suspected infection, contact is made with the County Sanitary and Epidemiological Station

  9. After the client leaves, the door handles and surfaces that the client has had contact with are disinfected, the office is aired and the UVC lamp is illuminated.

  10. We are aware that it has some inconveniences, but we are very much concerned about maintaining safety rules for our common good.

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The EGO MED SPA team